Bama Slama

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5" Hookum’z Bama Slama

8 Per Bag

Hand Poured In Maine 

The two-tone baits are the same high quality as our other baits just two separate colors. We have found in this case that the high contrast makes the fish strike and strike fast. Maybe its just the flash of white or orange on the bait. But makes them look more like a bait fish.

Hookum’z stick baits are super versatile. Being so versatile lot of people make stick baits but we will hold ours up against any of the brands out there to produce fish. The stick bait has been around for a long time but only in past 20 years has it really recently hit the U.S. freshwater scene. You can fish the stick bait wacky (the most popular), Texas, jig head, weightless and so many more. If you can think it u can fish it and it will produce fish time and time again.

Our stick baits are extremely durable unlike a lot of the top name brands. Do not be surprised that you only use one or two all day and still keep catching fish bite after bite. We are heavily salt charged that pulls fish in for the bite. These are sinking bait and the wobble like crazy as they sink producing crazy strike in the matter of seconds of hitting the water.